Orchid History


 The Orchids beautiful colors, unique shapes and perfume fragrance, is what have attracted collectors, hobbyists and breeders for many centuries.  Orchids began to gain in popularity in the 1800’s as travelers to the Orchids native land were drawn to there unusual characteristics and began collecting and trading therefore spreading them throughout the world.
 Of the more than 35,000 species of Orchids, some of which are still being discovered like the new species recently found in Viet Nam that is leafless. Breeders have developed more than 150,000 new hybrids due to the great demand for this popular plant. Orchids can range widely in size from the tiniest species that is only ¼ inch to the largest that can be up to one ton and produce many thousands of flowers.
 Most gardeners rely on other growers, believing that growing orchids is too specialized and difficult, to have plants with blooms by purchasing plants that have been forced to bloom earlier than normal, these plants can often take years to recover and bloom on a normal cycle. Most gardeners are not willing to wait for blooms because they are familiar with plants that bloom dependably every year.
 Orchids care and growing requires time and patients, but the results can be spectacular and well worth all of the time and effort.